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That special extra for you. Your Event Ticket at a single nationwide price, available at every DB station.

Event Ticket for a single jouney, for use only on one specific connection
(subject on availability)

Second class49,50 €
First class80,90 €

Event Ticket for single journey, for use on all connections
(always available)

Second class67,50 €
First class98,90 €

Book your ticket online now and get the guaranteed lowest price. We will provide you with an overview of all rail services on the route you are interested in1 .

You can make the most of your travel time by using your journeys to and from your destination for work, relaxation or enjoying our on-board services. You can also rest assured that your long-distance travel is completely powered by electricity generated by renewable resouces.

The Event Ticket (travel distance more than 100 km) includes the City Ticket in 130 German cities in the respective area of validity.

Click here for the full range of information about DB’s Event Ticket.
We wish you a pleasant jouney

1) If you would like assistance to complete your booking, click here. If you have any technical questions regarding the booking process, simply call +49(0)30 586020901. Our technical hotline is open every day from 8am – 9pm.

Special offer: Discounted travel with Lufthansa Group Partner Airlines

Lufthansa Group Partner Airlines offer a comprehensive global route network linking major cities around the world. We offer special prices and conditions to participants, visitors, exhibitors, invited guests as well as employees of the Contracting partner and their travel companions.

To make a reservation, please click on and enter the access code DEZLIRQ in the „Offer for discounted flights“ area. This will open an online booking platform that will automatically calculate the discount offered or provide you with an even better offer if another promotional fare is available.

NOTE: Pop-ups must be enabled otherwise the booking platform window will not open.

These promotional fares are also available through your IATA / ARC travel agent. Travel agents can obtain ticketing instructions by sending an email to and providing the access code as a reference.