Hygiene Concept


The 100th Annual Meeting of the German Physiological Society is a closed (no public) event, participation is only possible for professional participants.

Prior registration is mandatory for participation. Participants who are not pre-registered will be turned away and will not be allowed to enter the meeting venue.

On-site registration is not possible.

„2-G Rule“

Only pre-registered individuals will have access to the conference,

  • Who are fully vaccinated against SARS_CoV_19, with the date of secondary vaccination at least 14 days prior to the start of the event.


  • Who are demonstrably recovered.
  • In addition, all participants must be symptom-free.

Proof of vaccination and medical certificates confirming survived infection must be brought to the event, there will be a check of proof/documents on site.


The event will be separated from normal clinic operations. Access will be directly to House 20 and not through the main entrance of the hospital.

Entrances and exits to houses 20, 22 and 23 will be separated.

The main entrance to House 22 is the door towards the main clinic entrance, registration as well as the wardrobe are located here.

Please have your proof of vaccination / recovery ready!

Identification of the participants

All participants will receive a name badge upon arrival at the registration desk, which must be worn throughout the event and when entering the event area.

Mask obligation

Masks are mandatory for all participants inside the buildings. Only speakers during their presentations, as well as session chairs during moderation, are exempt from this requirement.

Minimum distance

Wherever possible, the minimum distance of 1.50 m should be maintained.


All heavily used contact surfaces (BSP: door handles, stair railings, counter surfaces in the conference office, lecterns, contact surfaces of computers and other technical equipment) are regularly disinfected (Incidin 0.5%). Disinfectants for individual hand disinfection are placed in all event areas.


Catering will be distributed over several areas, there will be three distribution points in the foyers of house 20, house 22 and in house 23. Lunches will be provided. Masks are mandatory at the serving stations.