Abstract submission will be possible online from February 2021.
More information will be available here soon.

Abstract Topics
During the online submission please indicate which of the following categories is best suited for your abstract (the program committee is entitled to re-assign the abstract to a different category if necessary).

  1. FuturePhysiology – Early Abstracts for the 200nd DPG Meeting
  2. Ion channels, Receptors & Transporters
  3. Cell biology and signal transduction
  4. Stem cells/progenitor cells/iPSCsMitochondria, Metabolic stress, ROS, Aging
  5. Cardiac/vascular functions, circulation, and Exercise
  6. Pulmonary functions, oxygen metabolism, Hypoxia
  7. Renal functions & Gastrointestinal systems
  8. Hormones, endocrine system, reproductive organs
  9. Blood and immune system
  10. Sensory systems
  11. Cellular/Molecular Physiology of Neurons & Glia cells
  12. Cognitive and behavioural Neuroscience
  13. Muscle, bone and joint systems, Motor systems
  14. Developmental Physiology
  15. Animal models, Methods and teaching in Physiology
  16. Others