The 100th Meeting of the German Physiological Society! AN IN PERSON LIFE ONLY EVENT


Together with our friends from the Austrian Physiological Society and the Life Science Switzerland Physiology Section we will celebrate this historical occasion in Frankfurt (30.09 – 2.10.2021) as a real IN PERSON ONLY EVENT by looking at the two ends of time´s arrow under the motto „Remember the Past – Imagine the Future“.

Remember the Past
In the opening lecture, the historian Francis Hoeber (Philadelphia), will remind us of his grandfather, the great Physiologist Prof. Rudolf Hoeber and also one of the early victims of Nazi Prosecution in 1933. In the first plenary lecture, Prof. Steve Siegelbaum, a highly distinguished neurophysiologist from Columbia University, will educate us, how social memory is formed in the brain and consolidated during sleep.

Imagine the Future
We will also invite leading experts for plenary lectures to present their visions of Future Physiology across different scales – reaching from cells across organs to cover also entire bodies (Stay tuned for updates!).
Most importantly, we want YOU to join us in Frankfurt to start the Future of Physiology with your Poster, your Talk or your Symposium.
In addition, we invite you to contribute your personal vision of Future Physiology by submitting also an early abstract to the 200th DPG Meeting (see special Abstract Topic). While we hope to unleash the swarm creativity of physiology community, most original entries will be rewarded by special prices.

As we mostly anticipate the future to better than the past – let me close with an optimistic note.
If the historical occasion and the exciting program is not enough for you now to consider joining the 100th DPG Meeting in Frankfurt, how about looking forward to a real meeting where you again enjoy the physical presence, companionship and direct communication with friends and colleagues. Just imagine!

Hope to see you at the 100th DPG Meeting in Frankfurt 2021!

Best wishes, Jochen Roeper